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February 2023

After a lot of writing, editing, designing, and building — the new documentation site is live!

This is the 3rd major redesign of our documentation site since we started the Design System in 2017. Our older sites were built around our design language and components. We collaborated with the library's Communication and Marketing department, expanded our scope, and built out a much more robust site rooted in an updated set of foundations.

New features of this site

  • Site sections with landing pages: Getting Started, Foundations, Visual Elements, Content, Reusable Designs, and About
  • Look and feel essentials in Visual Elements with connections to our Figma Design Library
  • CodePen code samples embedded on Reusable Designs pages
  • Paths guiding different audiences using the Design System through the site in Getting Started
  • Extensive Content guidance to support writing for the library across contexts