Our logo is the main symbol that identifies the University of Michigan Library. It’s required on official library content.

The library uses two symbols for its visual identity: the block M version, and the horizontal signature version. We have general guidelines for their use, along with specifics and downloads for online and print. Downloads are provided as Google Drive files visible to anyone at U-M.

Square block M Library logo with a maize block M and Library presented in white text below the M on a dark blue backgroundSignature horizontal M Library logo with a maize block M and Library presented in blue text

General guidelines

In order for our logo to be visible and legible, it should have plenty of space surrounding it.

Never redesign, animate, modify, or distort any university logo. This includes adding words, images, or any new elements to it. Always resize logos proportionally by holding down the Shift key as you drag the corner of the image.


On library websites, use the horizontal signature on a white background. We offer a dark website header option, which uses an inverted horizontal signature, but it's not otherwise available for download.

For other digital products, use the block M version whenever possible. The block M logo should never appear less than 36px tall.

Download logo files for online use

  • Library signature for online (JPG) (PNG)
  • Library block M logo for online (JPG) (PNG)


Use the block "M," in maize and blue, in almost all cases. Use the horizontal signature for letterhead stationery, as part of a group of U-M unit signatures, and on certain marketing materials.

In most cases, the logo should appear in either the upper left corner or the lower right corner of your document. It should never appear less than 3/4" tall.

Official print colors are the same as the University of Michigan logo: 

  • Maize:   PMS: 7406,  CMYK: C0 / M18 / Y100 / K0,  HEX: ffcb05
  • Blue:   PMS: 282,  CMYK: C100 / M60 / Y0 / K60,  HEX: 00274c

Download logo files for print use

  • Library block M logo for print (JPG) (TIF)
  • Library signature for print (JPG) (TIF)

Contact librarycomm@umich.edu if you need a file type not available here or have questions about appropriate logo usage.